Talented People, Nationwide

We don’t work with resources, we work with people. We love technology, and we love the people behind the technology.

Limiting your talent is a recipe for a mediocre project execution, and many times, the best people for the job are independent. Supersonic relies on a strong core group of employees and a vast and active network of talented people… people whose merits don’t rely on their tax status.


We also believe in viewing work as more than “work”. This requires the right opportunity to match your gifts and passion points with life balance. The great thing about the digital space is most of us love the nature of our work. Enlightenment through work? We live it.



We have a growing Sitecore practice with in-house Solution Architects, Developers and Infrastructure experts.  We also have an extensive network of Sitecore developers to help you solve your resourcing problems quickly.  Our internal architects personally vet each candidate which is extremely important as it differentiates us from the generic staffing shops.  Ask any developer how difficult it can be to deal with people that don’t understand technology.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe has certainly made an impact and is quickly gaining a dominant position in the enterprise CMS market.  We have chosen to build our Adobe Experience Manager practice as a sister technology focus to our other Enterprise CMS.  We have a growing Adobe EM practice and can provide the full range of Adobe experts who are vetted internally by our in-house technology team.


Mobile is moving at a very rapid pace.  We specialize in providing an individual or a team of people that can accomplish your Mobile project.  This may range from Native Mobile App development to cross platform tools like Xamarin or PhoneGap.  We have people on staff that have managed multi-year enterprise mobile teams who can help you build the right team.


Technologists found by technologists, vetted by technologists, and provided to you by technologists.  In addition to our Enterprise CMS and Mobile Practice we are very comfortable with a wide array of technology experts to support your digital ecosystem needs.  This may range from Front-end Developers, .NET, Sharepoint, Java, DevOps, or hard to find specialties.


We have direct experience with UX giving us a real understanding of how organizations need to approach UX. This is a complex field with many different niche skills which can be inserted into many different processes.  Skillsets to consider include Information Architects, UX research, Interaction Designers, Visual UI, Usability, Strategy, UX Directors, and Content Strategists.

Team Leadership

Every digital ecosystem needs leaders to carry the vision and execution of the work at hand.  We can provide the strategists that will help you visualize the potential of the system along with managing it each step of the way.  This may include Project Managers, Account Managers, Business Analysts, Enterprise strategy, Marketers, trainers and others as needed.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work