ROI on Supersonic Project showcased at the Sitecore Symposium

ROI on Supersonic Project showcased at the Sitecore Symposium

On September 16 –GCI along with other project partners will provide a panel discussing their recent implementation of Sitecore.  This discussion is focused on how to connect industry leading measurement tools and Sitecore 8.0 analytics tools to drive improvements in customer experience and demonstrate business value.  The panel will also discuss how these data driven tools were used to also build out a roadmap for enhancements on the Sitecore platform.

Proof Point: How CX Improvements Drive Business Value

Measuring the ROI of experience optimization

“It’s not just you. It’s everyone in the digital marketing industry. You’re wondering why, since it’s been proven that improvements in customer experience (CX) drive significant business value, it’s so darn hard to actually measure return on investment (ROI). At this panel discussion, industry experts will share specific, real-world examples of how they’ve used an industry leading Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution to drive CX improvements and thus business ROI. With sample dashboards, you’ll learn how to establish a baseline CX index and track it as you continuously improve your Sitecore experiences.”

Customer participant: GCI Communication

Guest participant: Foresee

Rochelle Marshall, Senior Director of Marketing – GCI Commercial Business;

JJ Cramer, CX Measurement Specialist & Business Consultant- Forsee;

Kristine Stebbins, CEO – SMS & Dennis Haugan, Founder – Beyond Vigilant

Supersonic performed all Sitecore architecture and development on this 18 month project for the largest company in Alaska with a virtual team of developers based in the US and Canada that at times reached 10 developers.  While the technical side is not a part of this discussion Supersonic highly recommends that prospective Sitecore users attend this discussion to understand how real ROI can be attained by using best practices and developing Sitecore correctly the first time!

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