Research & Education.

Learning before action

Blockchain Theory



Brainstorm Facilitation


Disruptify Research

Custom Research

The Research Center brings together business, engineering, law, and economics, as well as students, partners, and our internal research staff to “see the future” and overcome technical challenges in the field.  The coming shift to business and the economy will greater than the impact by internet and mobile over the last 20 years.  Doesn’t it make sense to understand it?

Blockchain Education

Facilitation and Learning

Executive Facilitation

We have provided classes and facilitated board and corporate leadership teams in exercises to help grasp the technology, toolset, and potential disruption to their industry.  Knowledge is power.

Formal Programs

Provide ongoing corporate support on a preset basis.  This may be formal classrooms, events, facilitations, and may be a single event or a multi year strategy.


Occasionally companies have a need for very specialized training.  This may be in the form of individuals team members or industry expertise ranging from economics, law, strategy or specific blockchain technology such as training in a specific technology.  We leverage our internal expertise to help source, vet, and facilitate training.

Public Speaking

Disruptify has a close relationship with the Minnesota Blockchain Initiative.  In partnership with MNblockchain we help source and provide subject matter experts and keynote speakers to local and national events.  We provide this service for no fee and would be happy to help any organization with this in an effort to continually grow the Blockchain ecosystem locally and nationally.