Digital Staffing and building Digital Business Ecosystems seem like very different businesses… Why are you doing both?

We believe that it is important for both businesses to know the very best talent in the industry. When building a Digital Ecosystem we must be working with the best people in the industry. We leverage our relationships to help companies find good people. Conversely, we leverage our relationships built when staffing niche skill sets to build enterprise “dream teams”.   It may seem odd but is actually very healthy for both us and our clients.


Why did you create your site in WordPress and not in our core CMS products of Sitecore or AEM?

We realize that selecting the right technology is imperative to solve the problem at hand. Our humble consulting agency is not a great fit for either of these great enterprise CMS’s although this should not detract from your opinion on our enterprise implementation skills as we could certainly implement it in either, or both. It also gives us the ability to avoid preference for one or the other.


Why do you identify Agency Support as a niche?

We specifically want all agencies to understand that we are here to help them. We have a lot of respect for how agencies help to build brands and seek to support them with our technology niche. We do not compete with them and are very happy to partner openly or hidden in the background.


Why do you build unique teams for each project?

We take the approach of building teams for each individual situation vs. trying to “shoehorn” existing staff into every situation. Custom Teams = Good. In-house Teams = Bad. With many agencies you will only get the talent that they happen to have available at the time your project starts regardless of their experience or relative fit to your project. We anchor the team with our internal architects and then build around them with only the best people in the country using a virtual model.


Why do you use contractors?

Some may see this as a negative but we believe that the best talent in the world are independent or will only work in an independent model. With this model we can place several award winning talented Sr. Developers, Architects, or supporting roles all within the same team. It is freedom for the talented people we work with, provides freedom for Supersonic to build unique teams and freedom for our clients to quickly get the best solution possible. We have many developers who comment that our teams are the best they have ever been a part of in their entire careers. We thank you for confirming our business model!


How do you handle ongoing support?

We have two separate teams: Build and Run. Our Build Team architects and implements project work.  Our Run Team supports our client with smaller support items and acts as tier 2 support for our hosting partners.


What is your vision?

Our Reason for Being: We desire to help companies envision and build their Digital Ecosystem with people, process, and work technology. We desire to work with good people and good clients and in a way that increases the value and revenue of our clients.


Why should I join Supersonic as a consultant?

We know that if you are one of the rare “A” players in your niche that you have a desire to do three things: Work next to equally smart people, be compensated extremely well, and work on cool projects. We aspire to be a company filled with people like you and to work with clients with a similar vision.