Enterprise Resource Consulting

Human(e) Capital

We don’t work with resources, we work with people. We love technology, and we love the people behind the technology.

  • Talented People

    • Limiting your talent is a recipe for a mediocre project execution, and many times, the best people for the job are independent. Supersonic relies on a vast and active network of talented people. People whose merits don’t rely on their tax status.
    • Project Leaders
      • Project Managers, Business Analysts and Strategists. 
    • Technologists
      • Sitecore, ASP.net, Adobe EM, Mobile, Java, Front End.  These are developers that are focused on delivering technology in the marketing world.  They understand the code and your reasons behind the code.
    • UX/UI
      • To create experiences that users will love and products with a purpose.  User Architects, Creative Directors, and production team members.

  • Digital Team Building

    • Organizational Dynamics shouldn’t be an anecdote. When we hear team members refer to their organization as “they”, we cringe. We pride ourselves in respecting and honoring your organization’s vision and culture as we bring you talent to create anew, or bolster your internal delivery centers:
    • Enterprise CMS delivery Teams
    • Web Application Development Teams
    • Content Strategy Teams
    • User/Customer Experience Teams
    • Mobile Application Teams
    • Full life cycle web development

  • Internal Agency Consulting

    • At the core of a Digital Ecosystem is the people. Companies need to know when and how to build a team to support its initiatives. This typically consists of internal leaders, internal execution, independent contractors, external teams, and external service providers.
    • It is important to architect the structure of each layer to best utilize each individual and external group to maximize the value received. We know how hard it can be as we have deep experience in building digital teams both from a corporate and agency standpoint.
    • Culture
    • Process
    • Hiring
    • Recruiting
    • Partner Selection
    • Cost analysis
    • Oversight