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minneapolis, mn

Comp-b is headquarted in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Minneapolis/St. Paul is an awesome metropolitan area with a long history of technology and a highly educated employment base.  The Twin Cities have the highest number of per capita developers of anywhere in the United States and also the highest number of Fortune 500 companies per capita.  It is an honest and hard working state that has a high quality of life and a cultural foundation that rivals the largest cities in the world.


Minneapolis / St. Paul are centrally located in the US with the Mississippi river dividing the “Twins”.  Like most siblings the two cities are different and yet very similar.  Both bring a unique culture to the region with St. Paul generally being thought of as the “end” of the east coast while Minneapolis is the “beginning” of the west coast.  This statement always rings true for those who live here.


Like all cities we are not perfect but make no mistake – we love it here in Minnesota!



400 South 4th Street, Suite 401-137

Minneapolis, MN  55415

(612) 249-9745