Reason for Being.

“We help companies envision and build their Digital Business Ecosystems with people, process, and technology. We benefit when able to build awesome teams to work with great clients on work that makes a difference.”

Great teams are those that are uniquely assembled and equipped to tackle projects with not only the right skill-sets, but the right attitude and mindset. Such teams are comprised of seasoned veterans as well as spry understudies. Often, these people are independent contractors who appreciate the opportunity to work with similarly intelligent and positive people. One plus one can equal more than two.


Great clients are those who have principled yet flexible vision. They make decisions more than one chess move ahead, and rely on strong partnerships to advocate for their areas of passion and results. They protect their teams and take ownership in both easy decisions and really hard decisions. We are searching for you. We want to help transform your business.

Supersonic Values


We do what we say and we say what we do. We are open, honest, and do not have need of falsehood or slander to further our business. We seek to do the “right” thing in every situation and ask the same of our clients and consultants.


We want to make long term friends to both our talented consultants and our Clients. We know that you could have selected anyone to work with or for and we highly value you.


In the grand scheme of things we know that helping our clients accomplish their tasks on time and budget is equally important as you spending time at home with your family.  We believe that life is about more than the next opportunity or just making money.  We commit to working extremely hard for our clients and also to defending our consultants private time.

Healthy (Mentally)

We seek to work with healthy like-minded professionals absent of the typical politics or drama which saps the strength of our teams and clients.


We are constantly looking for entrepreneurial ways to further our business and yours. We desire to foster a culture where new ideas are encouraged and rewarded. We are not afraid of making mistakes and when it occurs we accept ownership and make it a point to “fail quickly” so that we can move on to the next idea.

Best Practices

Our philosophy on digital ecosystems can be summed up in two words: “Best” and “Practice”. This often is neither cheap nor expedient. To continue to attract the best people in our industry we will need to continually fight against the shortcuts which in the end poison relationships, results, people, vendors and ultimately increase the cost of your project.