Our Areas of Focus

Serving global leaders to entrepreneurs, we tailor our process to your scale and structure.

Enterprise Blockchain Consulting

Research & Education

Idea Incubation

Project Teams & People

Governance & Economics

Enterprise Blockchain

Blockchain Consulting for Business

Blockchain is being implemented at Walmart, IBM, Amazon, JPMorgan, Cargill, Samsung, and 45 other Enterprises. These companies are now focusing on real business problems and complex processes by leveraging blockchain internally, creating consortiums, and even preparing for the coming decentralized blockchain economy.  Now is the time for progressive organizations to begin working on their blockchain strategy.

Research & Education

Understanding what it is, and what it can be

With so much still in motion we can provide support which answers questions and help educate.  We assist both startups and enterprise  understanding by coming along side their teams with our deep understanding of where blockchain has originated and where it is headed.  How do you see the future on this technology and how it will impact your industry and company?  How do you get your leadership team thinking in terms of leveraging private blockchain and thinking in terms of the coming decentralized programmable economy?

Idea Incubation

for Startups

We are a group with deep blockchain, research, start-up, and growth experience.  We seek opportunities to help people make ideas happen both locally and around the world and have programs for a simple idea, acceleration of a startup, or growth of an existing business.

Projects & People

It’s the people

All projects come down to people.   Even at this stage there are relatively few people that really understand how to approach blockchain project.  Most projects  traditional projects “whitewashed” with blockchain.  We have internal team members, external resources via our network, and and offshore development that have a authentic passion for blockchain and not just a desire to add Blockchain to their CV.  We execute full life cycle projects, provide a single subject matter expert, or anywhere in between.

Governance & Economics

Operating in the Coming Blockchain Economy

The shift from centralized control of data and transactions is an extremely hard concept for most businesses to grasp.  Decentralized control creates competing interests and the need for a strong understanding of how to govern as a group.  Tokenization creates a need for each business to understand the economic issues for each network.  Most people do not spend their free time studying economics or decentralized consensus systems.  Oddly enough, it is our passion.